Saturday, March 31, 2007

a knitting note

hmm. i just started knitting with the caron felt-it. its soooo soft! i was a bit surprised. my wildflowers colorway is a lot softer looking then thier sample pic. and much softer/lighter in hue too, and more green/blue. i love it though. this bag will be so pretty....... i wonder, is the malabrigo as soft or softer?

more yarn p0rn

i was gonna take some pics of my topi in progress. but, i am lazy.

really, its cause i live in washington, and we have had no sunshine, so taking pictures of yarn is hard. our indoor lighting leaves much to be desired....

so instead i will share with you what i just ordered yarn for my yarnee. three hanks of yummy malabrigo! i ordered four different colorways...i will send her the three brightest:


Alpine Pearl



i also ordered some yarn to make a two-tone green sweater for dd. i ordered everything from fabulousyarns. i cannot wait to fondle the yarns! i picked some of the brightest colorways they had, since my yarnee said she loves bright colors! i hope she likes the ones i send. i think i am gonna send some chocolate too (bagged up to protect the yarn of course!) and maybe some cookies.....i wanna be her!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yarn for me, yarn for you!

no yarn p0rn today. i will post piccys tomorrow. i bout four skiens of carn felt-it, in the colorways wildflowers and rose gardens. oh, and two more skeins (so now four total) of lionbrand microspun in black.

pics of the colorways:

rose garden

they will become a felted tote, similar to the constant companion bag, only i am going to knit by the seat of my pants!

the black microspun will become a nursing shawl/poncho, probably in a simple feather fan pattern. wait and see, i am..

i have also won a bid on ebay for 10 balls of wool yarn in a blue-green colorway. they will become a family of socks for us, and i will see what will become of the rest.

i also bought bamboo 7US DPNs to make my sister a cotton topi hat. shes alergic to just about every animal, so no wool for her...i am also going to make it stripped in pink, tan, and chocolate. should be great! i am only worried cause i did searches on google and stuff, and i didn't find one topi in stripes. hopefully its possible.

and yarn for you? i am participating in a yarn swap at and i am excited to buy yarn! ( i am a knitter) woohoo!

have a good night.

Monday, March 26, 2007

it's late. go to bed.

yeah, what she said.
so i again let my dd take a nap at 6ish. which means she is w i d e awake . and probably now will be up until 12. yay mom.
just watched blood diamonds, with jennifer connelly and leonardo d'caprio. i liked it. but it was awful seeing people being murdered and children being tortured into doing it also. my heart ached for the father simon, and his family. its hard to wrap your mind around the fact that those sorts of things really do happen, and that its not just some horrid story written up by some writer in hollywood. i will not give more away. go watch it. besides, i wasnt planning on writing about the movie, and i would have to back track upwards and write in a warning about plot spoilers.

remember the lazy.

oh. i have a gym appointment tomorrow. and shes gonna ask if i made it in at all over the last four days for my leg workouts and cardio. i am thinking about lying. cause you know, i didnt. but in the end its my fat butt i have to live with. i should just suck it up and get a treadmill for the living room. treadmills and blogging. sounds like a great combo.

Friday, March 23, 2007

so, just how much??

oh my gawd.

my dh and i have way more clothing than two people could E V E R need. it's now no longer in the laudry room but in a huuuge pile at the end of our bed and a huge bunch in the laundry basket. (i am pretending that that is the entire bunch, in reality-where i dont like to visit- there is more in the laundry room. crap.)

why do we have so much? thats a question i will never understand the answer to. instead, here is a picture i adore:
our dd, about an hour old. she will be 1 year old on april 14. *sigh* i cannot believe it has really been a year. i love her so much.

just a note

today i was sitting on the couch browsing the net when it dawned on me that i havent done anything productive today. unless you count changing dd's diaper and giving her some bites (aka cereal). ugh. i think i need some motivation. its not like i dont have things i can do. there is the gi-normous pile of laundry to put away, the yarn to put away, the room to clean, the computer desk to organize, the website i am supposed to be designing for.....hmmm. i guess i should get at least one thing done today. i can manage one.

this would be the time to pick one.

laundry it is.

gawd. i warned you i was laaaaazy! i will report back if i actually get any of this done.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

dyed some yarn today...

well... i made these cute warm woolie booties for my dd:

and i had some yarn left's lionbrand lion wool, in natural, worsted weight. i don't know how much i have left. i am hoping enough for a hat. we will see.....

so i decided to dye it (because i was practically foaming at the mouth to dye any yarn!). i did a quick search to refresh my mind on the process. i needed vinegar-apple cider will do, hot water-yup,dye-Wilton food color, yarn-you bet!

so off for my experiment. well, truly it was more of a theory proofing. we know how to dye. we have the stuff to dye. we just prove the idea right. the beautiful results:

and, here it was hanging out to dry...

when it is completely dry, i will measure it and wind a center-pull ball. then find a pattern. probably a hat. or something. i don't know. i just want to wear it already. maybe i could just tie some knots in it and wear it as is? hmmm

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wish list

these things (books, yarn, general stuff) are my wish list:

Knitting Around
by Elizabethe Zimmermann

The Opinionated Knitter
by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knitting Without Tears
by Elizabeth Zimmermann

No Sheep For you
by Amy R. Singer

Simple Knits for Cherished Babies
by Knight, Erika

Knitting Counterpanes: Traditional Coverlet Patterns for Contemporary Knitters (Paperback)
by Mary Walker Phillips

Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns
(unknown author )

Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters (Spiral-bound)
by Lisa Kartus

Knitting Over The Edge-
Unique Ribs + Cords + Appliques + Color + Nouveau
by Epstein, Nicky

100 Purses to Knit & Crochet
by Weiss, Rita

Favorite Socks-
25 Timeless Designs from Interweave
by Budd, Ann

One-skein Wonders
101 Yarn-shop Favorites
by Durant, Judith

One Skein
30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet
by Radford, Leigh

Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
by Hoverson, Joelle

Knitters Stash
Favorite Patterns from Americas Yarn Shops
by Albright, Barbara

The Knitting Answer Book
by Radcliffe, Margaret

Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters
Give Your Knitting That Professional Look
by Brant, Sharon

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary
Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 2 Cables
Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 3 Color Knitting

Knitted Toys
25 Fresh & Fabulous Designs
by Mellor, Zoe

Fitted Knits
25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter
by Japel, Stefanie

I really, really want to try some hand maiden sea wool or sea silk... *sigh* i am in love with a few of thier colors, namely bronze, capri, nova scotia, popsicle, cornflower, rose garden, melon, lily garden, peridot, glacier, periwinkle ( lol - you know, thats like half the colorways! i also like all the 'subtle series' too )

Bare - Superwash/Nylon Fingering Weight Yarn from
probably about 5 hanks (or as many as you wanna get me ;)

Boyes Knitting Needle Set

Knitter's Tote at Joanns

pretty yarn....any kind...preferably not acrylic ( unless is nice and soft ), or 'novelty', but i am not too picky!

( geez that's a LOT of knitting related wants! )

The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide: From A to Z-- Hundreds of Tips and Techniques for Successful Quiltmaking (Paperback)
by Ellen Pahl

Spinning stuff:

in addition to this list, is a great resource for OOAK, handdyed fibers!

Gaywool Merino/Silk
fiber is a 85/15 merino/silk blend in a lovely blend of Tussah Silk and multiple colors of 22 micron Merino $58/8oz

95 Melaleuca
75 Belladonna
60 Camellia
50 Silverwood
55 Boronia
10 Mallee Blue

Louet Dyed: Northern Lights
spaced dyed 100% wool top, printed in multi colors with a repeating pattern $26/8oz

28 Violets
30 Lollipops
18 Icy Winter
20 Ocean Waves
02 Teddy Bear
04 Autumn Twilight
06 Cotton Candy

Spunky Eclectic Custom Fibers
BFL $11/4oz, S. African Fine $10/4oz, Merino Tencel$8/2oz, Alpaca$16/4oz

Joshua Tree
Tequila Sunrise
Sour Grapes
Cheeky Monkey
Pink Lemonade
Purple Haze
Brain Freeze
Hot Rod

Lorna's Laces
Combed top is $30/10oz, SW wool top is $18/5oz

Purple Iris
Black Purl
Balti Sea
Happy Valley

Crown Mountain Farms
Corriedale pencil roving $20/8oz
As Above So Below
Before Sunset

Superwash Merino Hand Dyed Roving $20/8.5oz
American Woman
Born To Be Wild
Child In Time
I Feel Free
In The Skies
Just For You
Wish You Were Here

BFL handdyed roving $23/8oz
Before Sunset
East Of Eden

Lisa Souza
BFL $12/4oz, Wensleydale $12/4oz, Merino/Silk $22/4oz, Superfine/Superwash $12/4oz

Sky Drama
Can't Elope
Evah Glade
Shade Garden

at last

it seems i have come to this arena late. as in, i have been lurking for awhile, i have previous attempts at blogging (other myspace! and MSN! and AOL! lol). so now i need an opener. here goes!

a bit about me: i am a stay-at-home-mom (sahm), my dd is almost one year old (!!). i have 3 official dogs (three are ours, two are my parents). i like crafty hobbies. like scrapbooking (though i can't afford much), knitting (my newest obsession), sewing/quilting (started-actually i just cut the fabric...pretty chicken about screwing it all up). i like to consider myself an artist, though i haven't painted in years due to space, and the usual stuff i draw is just doodles and quickie sketches. my dream is to one day have space for an actual studio to paint in (re-hide away in unbothered lol). i go to the gym 2X a week; my trainer wants me there 2 more times for leg workouts on my own plus cardio like 5 times a week. when am i suppose to knit??? she's just crazy. i'm just lazy. i have lost 20 lbs, and an additional 12 (though those were baby lbs....) and this is my beautiful dd:

and yes, in case you were wondering: i hate using the shift key to make uppercase letters. so there. suffer. remember a few sentences back? i'm just lazy.