Wednesday, March 21, 2007

at last

it seems i have come to this arena late. as in, i have been lurking for awhile, i have previous attempts at blogging (other myspace! and MSN! and AOL! lol). so now i need an opener. here goes!

a bit about me: i am a stay-at-home-mom (sahm), my dd is almost one year old (!!). i have 3 official dogs (three are ours, two are my parents). i like crafty hobbies. like scrapbooking (though i can't afford much), knitting (my newest obsession), sewing/quilting (started-actually i just cut the fabric...pretty chicken about screwing it all up). i like to consider myself an artist, though i haven't painted in years due to space, and the usual stuff i draw is just doodles and quickie sketches. my dream is to one day have space for an actual studio to paint in (re-hide away in unbothered lol). i go to the gym 2X a week; my trainer wants me there 2 more times for leg workouts on my own plus cardio like 5 times a week. when am i suppose to knit??? she's just crazy. i'm just lazy. i have lost 20 lbs, and an additional 12 (though those were baby lbs....) and this is my beautiful dd:

and yes, in case you were wondering: i hate using the shift key to make uppercase letters. so there. suffer. remember a few sentences back? i'm just lazy.

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