Thursday, March 22, 2007

dyed some yarn today...

well... i made these cute warm woolie booties for my dd:

and i had some yarn left's lionbrand lion wool, in natural, worsted weight. i don't know how much i have left. i am hoping enough for a hat. we will see.....

so i decided to dye it (because i was practically foaming at the mouth to dye any yarn!). i did a quick search to refresh my mind on the process. i needed vinegar-apple cider will do, hot water-yup,dye-Wilton food color, yarn-you bet!

so off for my experiment. well, truly it was more of a theory proofing. we know how to dye. we have the stuff to dye. we just prove the idea right. the beautiful results:

and, here it was hanging out to dry...

when it is completely dry, i will measure it and wind a center-pull ball. then find a pattern. probably a hat. or something. i don't know. i just want to wear it already. maybe i could just tie some knots in it and wear it as is? hmmm

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