Sunday, April 15, 2007


saturday was my dd's first birthday! yay for her! it was a lot of fun, and a lot of stress getting everything ready.
we bought way more food then needed (anyone need hamburger buns? how about cheese??) and i baked four boxes of devils food cake mix cupcakes. thats about 96 cupcakes, and then a 8x8 cake for dd. we topped most of the cupcakes with peep chicks (it was a rubber duckie theme ... sort of) and her cake had a tiny rubber duckie with a crown! so cute!
she received a ton of clothes, and it was all so adorable. she also got a radio flyer 'bike', a ball toy, and a pool. yep, a pool. i cant wait for warm weather.

i have to get 4 rolls of film developed, then i can post photos! come back soon ....

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