Friday, April 20, 2007

yarn swap woes

so far the yarn swap on KH has been fun. it has been great seeing all the nice yarns knitters have sent and received.
then i got a pm from the swap organizer. apparently, the person who is supposed to send to me, has received her package from her yarner. they checked through tracking. this person also hasn't posted since march 28. and has not answered emails from us. on one hand, i am being optimistic. she must be out of town, or unable to get online. she just hasn't sent out my swap yarn yet. maybe she doesn't remember her passwords and cant answer us. then my pessimistic side rears its negative little head. really, she never planned on sending yarn. she waited to get hers, then knitted off into the sunset. she is laughing at her yarner. and laughing at me.

i hope shes ok, and that i am gonna get some surprise yarn. it's not that i have to have the yarn, its more that i don't think i will want to participate in something like this again if it has a negative outcome.

so my yarn swap yarner ... if you are reading this, know i hope you are all right, and really, i am just excited to see what you have picked out!

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