Wednesday, May 2, 2007

have yarn, but no plans

well sort of.
i have four beautiful hanks (soon to be pretty yarn cakes) of artyarns regal silk in the colorway 135 'sunburst', a gorgeous salmon, yellow, orange blend. i am thinking i would like to knit the picovoli. i am afraid i don't have enough regal silk, so i bought a cone of canary yellow silk (colourmart yarn) from a knitter on the swap board. i think i will add a simple boarder on the bottom edge and maybe crochet edging on the sleeves and neck. this would harmonize the whole shirt, as well as help counter-act the lovely curling of stockinette stitches.
anyone know is this is enough yarn? i figure it shouldn't matter too much, since i have the yellow to add to the length if need be. by the way, my full bust measurement is (i think) 43". so i am thinking the yellow is necessary, unless i want to show off my post baby, post getting fat, stretch marked tummy. i don't. also, i am in the process of loosing 60 pounds. i am down 20, with 40 to go. should i wait? or knit this fabulous top to fit me now? maybe by the time i loose all this weight, i will be such an awesome knitter, that frogging it and re-knitting a smaller size will be a cinch.

dreams baby. gotta have em.

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