Friday, May 18, 2007

part two: more tmi

well, lets see. pregnant. hemangioma. i think that is where we left off.

after i had my dd, time seemed to fly by. 3 months old, and i had to go back to work. yuck, i worked for 3 months and couldn't stand not being home and away from my dd all day. so when she was 6 months old, i quit work to stay home. best decision i ever made. in all this time, i didnt have my head checked because i thought they would have to give me some drugs during removal and i would not be able to breast feed my dd. so i waited some more. last month, just before her first birthday, i called a local cosmo/dermatology office.

they made me an appointment for a month away. damn it! more waiting and now, i dont have any insurance. but ok, my fault for waiting and now i really just want it gone. its hard to brush my hair w/o scraping it, and forget getting a haircut. i have had my hair cut a few times since i had this thing, and i warn them everytime, and 9/10 times they still scrape it! grrrrr

so, time for my appointment. yay! the offie is in fircrest, which is about 20-30 minutes away. i have never been there before, and i am not so good w/o a map and written directions. needless to say, 5 minutes before my appointment, i am lost and can't remeber the name or the building address. i panic, call my mom to give me the phone number and address. i call them, tell them i am in the area but lost. she says ok, and i hang up. i keep driving around, trying to find it. sobbing i finally call my dh to get some help. have i told you how fabulous he is? well, he is amazingly fabulous. he gave me directions, and i got there. 20 minutes late. damn it.

rushing in, i give her my name. she tells me i am 20 minutes late, and sorry, but they have a 15 minutes late policy. my appointment was at 1:40. wha? huh? O M G. she then, in front of me, checks the scedule and mentions that the 1:50 person didnt show up, and the 2 person hasnt checked in yet either. umm, could i have their spot???? nope. but hey, if i want, i can sit in the waiting room, and hope someone cancels. yeah, sure, mean while, my breastfed child can wait until i get home in like 5 hours. i was in tears, and trying not to want to break something. she also tells me i can make a new appointment ( what, in another month?? i was thinking ) for thursday at 9:15. YES PLEASE!!

8:30 on thursday, i left for the derm office. i made it there by 9. ( so i have 30 minutes to spare! whoot! ) i signed in, and started to work on my booga bag. ( look, i got some knitting into this looooong saga ) i kid not, less then 10 stitches later, they called my name! so i followed and sat down.
when the angel came in, she saw my knitting and asked if i sold them ( i said no ) and said her sister would love the colors. mmm, thanks? she measured the granuloma ( not a hemangioma, thanks group health for a great diagnosis! ) it was 2 centimeters!

some numbing shots, some burning smell, and a small bit later, i was free. no more nasty, painful, and sometimes messy bump on my scalp. i even knitted on my booga right after removal. ( i had to stay lounging in the chair to make sure it wasn't gonna bleed more ) i now have a yucky scab, which is lovely and greasy from the antibiotic ointment. when it heals, i will have a tiny bald spot, which may or may not grow hair again. what ever. i dont even care. i just am so happy to be able to cut my hair, brush it pain-free, and dye it if i want to. and hey, no more nasty, messy, stained pillows from it bleeding as i sleep.

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