Saturday, May 19, 2007

summer contest

skeins her way is having a contest. but don't go join, cause you make it harder for me to win! no really, go join, and let her know you heard it from me ( it boosts my chances! ) she will randomly pick a winner and give them her pretty pattern and the yarn for it! whoot! more pretty yarn is always welcome. and it just so happens that today i went to renaissance yarns in kent and felt this very yarn today! butter! yummy cotton butter. beautiful too.
so on to the contest. what i want to accomplish this summer knit-wise. ( this feels like a school essay :) )

a few pairs of socks ( about 6 maybe? )
two summertime tunics (one in microspun black, one in hempathy chocolate and sage )
at least one sweater for dd
dd's dress/jumper/tank?
two pairs of peekaboo mittens in malabrigo
simple shawl
vest for dh ( yummy swtc bamboo in sahara )

and i think that's all. i also have three hanks of bare superwash from knitpicks i want to dye also. i guess i need to knit faster. hmmmm. maybe i can teach the dogs to knit?

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