Thursday, May 31, 2007

yarn swap & WIPs & yarn p0rn

i am participating in another yarn swap. my needles are crossed that i don't get left behind again. at least there was a back-up who sent me a wonderful package! (thanks again !!)

the lady i am sending to is so great! she is very friendly, and a fantastically creative person. i have ordered her some yarn and goodies, and tomorrow i will be making a stop into my LYS to see if they carry a certain yarn for her too. other wise i am going to be ordering some yummy yarn online.

here are some of my WIPs (works in progress)... maybe if i did just one or two i might get more done. *shrug* oh well :D

my newest handspun, superwash wool. its tannish (looks kinda greenish too to me) with bits of black in it too:

my dd's socks, using a combo of silvers tutorial (link on the right side of my blog) and cat bordhi's book "socks that soar...", lionbrand magic stripes in jelly bean:

the interweaves lacy thong pattern, done in cascade fixation, color #9342. i like it and it knits up very fast, but i think i am going to frog it and start over on a larger needle ( it's on 5 US). it is very small, but cute!

my interweaves summertime tunic, in hempathy chocolate. i had started this in lionbrand microspun in black, but after 14 (!#!!$@*) rounds, realized it was twisted when i switched it to different needles. so once again, i am starting it anew :)

this is my first hat for me :D using my very first handspun. in this photo, i have just ran out of my hand spun and am using lambs pride worsted double stranded (to match thickness). see it in the upper corner? its so soft and squishy! this is going to be one warm hat!

and here comes the yarn p0rn! i picked all of the following up in yakima washington from threaded needle ( no website). i think she is actually now closed :(. she had an amazing quilt fabric store, and had some yarn and patterns and knitting kits too. the yarn was 60% off, as were the pattern books. she also had single patterns for $1. i bought 5 balls of cascade fixation, 6 balls of marks & kattens Caramelle color 1784, 8 single patterns, and two pattern books. all of this for less than $50, behold!

close up of the caramelle, to become a sweater for dd

patterns by christine bylsma 'high tide', 'loop d' loop', and 'key west'
drops pattern books ( see the blue? that's the english translations! whoot!) #77 & 85

fiber trends patterns 'spring flowers (dress)', dandy dog sweaters, sheeps go round too, childrens felt boot slippers

a sweater pattern from idena (?) 'juvea' (??). either way, its cute, and i think it will be my first for-me sweater

have a nice day!


  1. I REALLY want to knit the Summertime Tunic. It's so cute, but it would NOT look good on me. I'm trying to figure out who I can knit it for just so I CAN knit it. lol

    Do you enjoy spinning? It's something I'd really like to try.


  2. i do love spinning! i am going to be veering off from the pattern at the top, adding wide straps. no way would a ribbon strap cover my bra! and i do need to wear one LOL