Monday, July 9, 2007

long ago, and far away

waaaaay back in may, i was looking to swap some jojoland yarn for a back issue of interweaves knit magazine. i posted my swap on KH, and at the time, no one had a copy they wanted to be rid of (i don't blame them). at the same time, another member of KH had posted she had books to swap. i sent her a message about her Cat Bordhi book, (i have a copy, but gave it up as lost at the time) and offered her two balls of my cashmere merino yarn (440 yds total). we agreed and i mailed my yarn. i asked her a little over a week later if she had received it. she said no. i found my copy of the book, and decided i would send the spare to my swappee in package #2. it still has yet to arrive, and she has never *apparently* received the yarn.

until today, i gave up all hope, that somehow in postal hell both of our packages had been lost. i found she has a blog today. so i thought i would back track her posts to see if maybe she did get it.

yeah, on may 18th, she posts all about her sock kit swap package she was making, and low and behold! my yarn i sent! and no mention that she swapped for it, or where it came from. hmmm. what should i conclude? that i have been swindled? or that my book she was supposed to send got lost? and why did she never bother to tell me that she received the yarn??

so what did i learn? that if i swap in the future, i will require a tracking number, and only after it shows it has been received by the postal system will i send away. i am very disappointed. i thought i could trust the honesty and kindness of knitters i have met on KH. i still believe that the majority are amazingly trustworthy. and apparently a few are just real shitty.


  1. I'm sorry you got burned. That's just crap. Unfortunately it happens in these types of settings. I'd personally email her and tell her you know she's a liar. At least it will make you feel better.

  2. thanks Susan. i did leave a comment on her blog, letting her know that i knew she got the yarn and that i didn't get her book. we'll see what happens, and then i might email her.

  3. I even tried to figure out who it was, because I want to know stuff like that.
    I'm always worried I'll get burned. Some people are just not trustworthy. It sucks that we can't see this via the internet!

  4. She might have just forgotten she told you she would swap. if she got 2 boxes,, she might have just thought it was another fun swap.. a nice surprise!! Did you put a note in the box telling her what the box was about?

  5. rcsrswanson-
    thanks for the idea, but she is/was swapping more than one book on KH, and she and i exchanged a few messages prior to swapping and i sent her a few messages after, including one on the day it arrived to her. she knows. so i can only conclude 2 scenarios: a) she sent it and it's lost; b) she never sent it.
    either way, if she's honest she should have acknowlegded the yarn arriving. just good swap ettiquet

  6. I just know know how people can live with them self!!
    It makes nice people have to turn bad.
    I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.. but guess not.

    by the way: I am Carla1019 on KH.

  7. hi carla! this whole thing bummed me out too. i still have great trust in KH and KHer's, else i wouldn't participate in the swaps :)