Sunday, July 22, 2007

a swap idea

i have been toying with a knitting related swap i would like to do ....

here are the specs it would entail:
  • each person would pick a theme/idea/color they love (i.e. roses, mermaid, green, fast cars, cookies, lady bugs ...)
  • favourite fibers (and allergies too! got to be a responsible swapper :)
  • one technique or particular type of pattern they haven't tried but would like to
  • multiple options would be even better, and make it much more of a surprise!

the secret sender would then be responsible for doing the following:

  • dye, spin, or buy yarn in their selected price range and theme
  • buy at least one pattern that highlights the technique their receiver wants to learn (or possible an exact pattern)
  • keep everything in theme! (edible goodies not-withstanding ;)

optional of course (as usual) would be little goodies like stitch markers (handmade or bought), chocolate, teas, special regional treats or favourite candies .. whatever pops into your fabulous head! the idea of the receiver giving the sender at least two theme ideas to choose from would make the anticipation and surprise a little greater, and in my not so humble opinion, even better.

i think as soon as this swap is over, if no one else jumps up to start one, i might. it would be fun to be 'in charge' of one, and since money is tight around here, i could participate vicariously :)