Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my silk scarf

i bought two hanks of Mystical Creation Yarns (MYC) wool silk, one in 'zodiac' and the other in 'sequin'. It's thick and thin, and varies from (guessing here) a dk weight to a heavy worsted/bulky weight. I was a little surprised, because i wasn't aware of that, but I like it still. I do wish I had order two more dis-similar colorways (they are very similar- the effect I was trying to get is diminished by their similarities). I am knitting them into a scarf, inspired by all the chevron scarves I have seen on flickr. Since i don't own the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book, i have to wing it.
I used the jaywalker sock pattern as a guide and went from there. here is the pattern i am using.
use two color ways, A and B
on size 10 aluminum straights
easy definitions- K f/b: knit a stitch, keep loop on left needle, insert right needle in the back and knit again (increasing a stitch)
DD- slip one stitch purl wise, knit two together knit wise (K2TOG), pass the slipped stitch over the K2TOG.

cast on 26 stitches with A
Knit two rows in A
drop yarn
Knit two rows in B
drop yarn (every two rows you will switch color. the yarns will be carried up the edge. trust me, it won't be noticeable)
with yarn A
Row 1: K f/b, K 4, DD, K 4, K f/b, K f/b, K 4, DD, K 4, K f/b
Row 2: P 26
drop yarn
with yarn B
Row 3: K f/b, K 4, DD, K 4, K f/b, K f/b, K 4, DD, K 4, K f/b
Row 4: P 26

repeat rows 1-4, making sure to alternate yarns, until scarf is to length you like. end with 4 rows in garter (knit every row) then bind off.

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