Monday, September 10, 2007

a little stash?

i got my ravelry invite, and like most ravelers, I am slowly adding my stash. I added a bunch of yarns off of the top of my head, and added some pics that i had already in my flickr account. Lately i have been in love with the idea of dyeing. so much so, that i convinced dh to let me get the jacquard starter set from KP. Also, he should be getting a largish check from work, and said i can get a spinning wheel ... i just need t keep the total at or below $250. So I found a couple louets on ebay, as well as the babe fibre garden wheels. Not sure what route I will go!

here is my latest dye jobs! the blue will become the latest snowflake sock in IK fall 2007:

and this yarn has been named "embers". Not sure what sock pattern it will become. Maybe the famous Monkeys?

I have been lusting after the KP Options ever since i order the size 4 and 7 to try out. Now they ave the Harmony set. What's a knitter to do? I love metal needles, but others have said how much nicer the Harmony bag is. So do i order the whole original Options, and buy the most common sizes in the Harmony, or order the Harmony set and fill out the with the metal Options? TOO MANY OPTIONS! :rofl:
I do wish that instead of making the Harmony needles multi-colored, they had made each size a different color. Like Boyes. It'd be so much easier to tell them apart since KP has never thought it a fantastic idea to mark the needle sizes on the needles.
And also in the near future, I'll be receiving $860 (which is really like $1400 of yarn. or 175 skeins. whatever makes you most lustful. LOL) of 100purewool from my yahoo coop, which i shared with the gals at KH. Unfortunately I only get to keep 4 skeins of undyed merino lace. The rest i get to separate and mail off. I am also ordering and splitting 10 skeins of BFL superwash sock yarn. I am keeping 5. Not sure when that order will get placed and sent. It has been hectic.
and the surprise theme swap is going great! the first package has arrived, and they did a great job filling out a theme!


  1. Wow, great dye job. I especially love the second.

  2. I have to say the blue is my fav, but the other one will knit up into jaywalkers very nicely I think.

  3. the Embers is now up for sale on etsy (same name there too, jeanius80)