Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Garden! (and a medley of topics)

We had a beautiful day today.. mom did some garden cleaning, DH cut the grass (yum!), and I cleaned a bit of raw llama.

I removed as much of the guard hairs as I could (they looked a lot like human hair- silky but too thick/coarse to use for anything but rug yarn). I washed it twice, but I think I will wash it one more time before it's ready to be carded. It is so super soft and beautiful!

A close up of the fiber; it is very crimped!

We also made a trip to Home Depot today. Dad wanted some topsoil for a tree in the front yard, as some of its roots are showing due to erosion. (I think the whole yard needs 5 more inches of soil, but, well, thats a truck load, and not happening this year!) I decided that it would be nice to start a small herb garden. We had a small one at our first home, and it was so nice to have fresh herbs (well, honestly, we just had Thyme. But it was pretty! And tasty and beautifully fragrant!). So we needed plants... and a pot, and soil. I decided to go with organic, as I am trying to make better choices when I can. We picked out "Barbecue" Rosemary - it has a sort of sweet spice to it, like bbq sauce would I suppose, "Hot n' Spicy" oregano-yes it is!, "Silver Posey" thyme, sweet basil, chives, and Italian oregano.

We chose some organic potting soil as well, and after Peanut had her nap, we all planted them. Oh! The pots they came in are compostable, so we didn't even need to remove them from the pots to plant. So no shock. Yay for easy gardening! Next year, we are going to expand to a big, grown up garden. Corn, tomatoes, carrots, radish, broccoli, peppers, strawberries and blueberries!

We started a compost pile in the yard, which will eventually be enclosed using 'recycled' wood pallets. So far, it's just a big pile of cut grass ;) It will be lovely rich soil come next spring!

a couple of Noggin songs that I love (and my Peanut loves too!)

First- Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town "I'm So Glad"

Second- Noggins' Moose A. Moose singing "Believe In Spring"

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