Friday, July 4, 2008

100 Pushups and a Meltdown

Found about onehundredpushups through my good friend luneray (checkout her blog! she is very witty!) I'll be doing my initial test today, while Peanut naps. This sounds easy enough, and I think I will actually keep up with it. No equipment, no membership dues.

Yesterday was disastrous. I wrangle Peanut into the bathroom to take a pre-nap potty. She complies. Then, when we went in the room, she refused to put her undies on. Full-on death roll, gnashing of teeth, wailing. All over having to put on undies and not. be. nekked.. She eventually climbed onto my lap, crying and telling me "I just being grumpy, mama. I just be sad." I rocked her and told her it was ok to be grumpy, and sad. But not ok to hit and kick. She eventually fell asleep while I rocked her. Nekked. So I guess she won that round.
After her nap, she still refused to get any clothes on. AT ALL. So i told her she had to stay in the room, because we don't get to be nekked outside of the room or the bathroom. She had awoke from her nap around 5pm. We did not exit the room until after 8. And I had to wrestle her into her clothing. Literally. It wasn't fun for either of us. I was SO tempted to jump up and start saying , "I win! I win!" (Wubbzy reference)* And after all the drama, she was fine. Back to my normal, happy, smart girl. I guess this is the terrible twos..And today? Perfectly normal. Got dressed, even put on a hat, and went to the store with her daddy.
What was sooo bad about the whole episode, is that I had planned on taking her with me to a local art center, where I could enjoy knitting, and she could play with other toddlers. It would have been a win-win. Maybe next week.


  1. you think I'm witty? Aw, thanks.

    The guy behind 100 pushups left a comment on my blog, wondering how his site had become an internet sensation. I'm guessing that pushup prowess is the true American dream...