Monday, April 13, 2009

The Sucky, the Bad, the Sad...

Just found out tonight that Jasons' boss is 'closing' the business and the guys are out of jobs as of June 30th.

Apparently his boss didn't want to meet the demands of the air freight company to get better, more reliable trucks for the drivers, so instead let the contract get sold off to the other contract company. The owner of that outfit is giving interviews to Jason and his coworkers next week. The good part is he is offering insurance, savings/retirement plans, and generally better benefits. The downside is that they will more than likely take a pay cut. That is something we can't afford to do, unless we sell our home, which would probably not sell for what we owe + closing costs anyhow. Also, he would still have his 45 mile commute. I am hoping he finds a job much closer to home.

I will probably let the etsy shop fade out as I won't be able to justify restocking when we might not even be able to stay in our home. I'm going to try not to stress about this, Jason will do enough of that on his own. I need to just be here for him.. and try to keep our spending to a minimum. Hopfully it won't come to me having to destash my knitting/spinning suplies to pay bills. God, how selfish of me!


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  1. Hugs sweetie! Hope that these new changes will work out for the better for you and yours.