Monday, March 26, 2007

it's late. go to bed.

yeah, what she said.
so i again let my dd take a nap at 6ish. which means she is w i d e awake . and probably now will be up until 12. yay mom.
just watched blood diamonds, with jennifer connelly and leonardo d'caprio. i liked it. but it was awful seeing people being murdered and children being tortured into doing it also. my heart ached for the father simon, and his family. its hard to wrap your mind around the fact that those sorts of things really do happen, and that its not just some horrid story written up by some writer in hollywood. i will not give more away. go watch it. besides, i wasnt planning on writing about the movie, and i would have to back track upwards and write in a warning about plot spoilers.

remember the lazy.

oh. i have a gym appointment tomorrow. and shes gonna ask if i made it in at all over the last four days for my leg workouts and cardio. i am thinking about lying. cause you know, i didnt. but in the end its my fat butt i have to live with. i should just suck it up and get a treadmill for the living room. treadmills and blogging. sounds like a great combo.

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