Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yarn for me, yarn for you!

no yarn p0rn today. i will post piccys tomorrow. i bout four skiens of carn felt-it, in the colorways wildflowers and rose gardens. oh, and two more skeins (so now four total) of lionbrand microspun in black.

pics of the colorways:

rose garden

they will become a felted tote, similar to the constant companion bag, only i am going to knit by the seat of my pants!

the black microspun will become a nursing shawl/poncho, probably in a simple feather fan pattern. wait and see, i am..

i have also won a bid on ebay for 10 balls of wool yarn in a blue-green colorway. they will become a family of socks for us, and i will see what will become of the rest.

i also bought bamboo 7US DPNs to make my sister a cotton topi hat. shes alergic to just about every animal, so no wool for her...i am also going to make it stripped in pink, tan, and chocolate. should be great! i am only worried cause i did searches on google and stuff, and i didn't find one topi in stripes. hopefully its possible.

and yarn for you? i am participating in a yarn swap at knittinghelp.com and i am excited to buy yarn! (duh...lol i am a knitter) woohoo!

have a good night.

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