Wednesday, April 4, 2007

baseball & stash

did that throw you off? actually, i do love bb. and on kh someone posted a link for stitch n pitch. this is where you do your stitching at a baseball game! how fun! in honor of this, craftzine is hosting a contest. stitch your very own pattern that is baseball-oriented. i think i might if i get the time. maybe a bat cozy? please dont steal my idea. thats just rude.

i have again added to my stash, is there hope for me?

i purchased yarn from discontinued brand name yarns. this is already shipped and i just ordered it tuesday!
  • 1 CTH-Baby Sachet-Lifes A Beach yarn
  • 1 DBNY-Bamboo Bag of 10 balls- sahara colorway
i purchased yarn from red needle yarns. this is also shipped, and again, i just ordered it yesterday.

  • 2 x Mohair Kiss Ombre (DIV_mohairKO) Color 37387
  • 4 x Lambs Pride Worsted (BS_LBWorsted) Color m-11
  • 10 x Licorne (PHIL_licorne) Color 25
  • 2 x Righe Di Colore (KFI_Righe) Color 658
  • 2 x Berroco Suede Color 3767

and because this wasnt enough, i am buying yarn from a couple of ladies at
  • this one is a pretty, three ply yarn (i think i am getting 6 hanks)

  • the other lady is practicly giving away (okay, not really, but at $75 its pretty darned close to free) 10 skeins of Noro kuyreon in colorway 115

i think i now own enough yarn to knit for quite a while.


  1. I'm dizzy from all those yarn pics :)
    Beautiful choices, jeanie. happy knitting!

  2. thanks vr! knitting is my addiction!!