Tuesday, April 3, 2007

stash and yarn swaping

i realized today that knitting is a dangerous hobby.

thats right. i said DANGEROUS. be warned!
if you are a hoarder or a pack rat, or just like pretty things, back away slowly from the yarn. put down the needles. put away Elizabeth Zimmermann's opinionated books, dont open the vogue stitchionary. and for goodness sake, do not go to knittinghelp.com! they are all enablers! (i love you guys!)
i love knitting, even if i am achingly slow. i love the feel of the yarn, i love watching the fabric come into being. i love that there are literally endless possibilities when it comes to knitting patterns, stitches, colors, textures. i am in love.

i am a pack rat. i save anything that *might* be useful one day.

which has now manifested itself in the guise of yarn. i need this yarn because i am going to make little faux suede booties . so i ordered it this morning....

and isnt this tank top pretty? i have 6 skeins of lionbrand microspun in mind....

and my dh needs a summer vest for golfing. now i need a pattern, cause i already ordered 10 balls of bamboo sahara yarn.

and i want to knit cool socks. now i need a sock book, cause i already bought 20 balls from jojoland on ebay and 3 more skeins from hancocks on sale.

is there any hope for me??? i think i need more circular needles ...

as for yarn swapping. so fun so far! i am awaiting the beautiful malabrigo to arrive for my yarnee. i bought my yarnee two organic chocolate bars and i am going to make her some pretty stitch markers. i bought some colorful large jump rings and pink beads. i think she will love them (i hope!)

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