Wednesday, April 18, 2007


for you non-knitters that means Finished Object.

yup. i actually finished a knitted object. my sprite hat for my friends newborn little boy. enjoy.

specs: peaches n cream cotton worsted, lemon lime colorway. two size 4 US circular needles.

co of 60, knit in round for 5 inches from rolled brim then decrease starting with *K 8, K2TOG*, knit next round, *K 7 K2TOG*, K all, *K 6, K2Tog*, K all, *K 5 K2TOG*, K all, *K4 K2TOG*, K all, *K3 K2TOG*, K all, *K2 K2tog*, K all, *K1 K2TOG*, K all, *K2TOG*. with last 6 stitches on needle, cut a length of yarn and pull through all 6 stitches, remove needles. cinch hat shut and weave all ends in & tie off. voila! a sprite hat uninvented by me .

you can add a pom-pom or tassel with your remainders if you please. embellish to your hearts desire!

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