Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i want a LYS

LYS-local yarn shop

i have one. i went to it for the first time last thursday. it is great. they even have roving for spinning. that is next on my to-learn list.

i want to open one closer to home. thats right. my pipe dream is to own a yarn shop. there used to be a joann's near by, but the lease ended and they chose to close. (i wish i was knitting then, imagine the wool i could have gotten for a steal!) i think the location is perfect. near other businesses, and its a fairly large place- that means lots of yarn space :D . this place would have space to knit, space for lots of yarn and yarn related things. it wouldnt be just for knitters, but all sorts of needle arts. the thing holding me back is money. and where to start. our home has no equity, because we *just* took out a loan to pay off a car and our credit cards (interest was killing us). i dont even know where i would start as far as getting info on how to open a shop and get a bank loan for it.
anyone got info?


  1. hey there, jeanie. You can find some info about opening an LYS in the Knitters Review forum. Look for the section called "Shop owners and aspiring businesspeople". Wish you good luck with that!
    Oh and I love that summery yarn you dyed. It looks so cheerful :)

  2. thanks vr! i will check out that forum.... the yarn i think will be a sweater for my dd :)