Saturday, June 30, 2007

fasting for yarn

i tried not buying anymore yarn. that didn't work.though, in my defense, the yarn i did order is for two baby blankets for my dh's co-workers.

i then remembered reading about a fiber arts fair in tacoma.

this apparently happens in january. i didn't start knitting until this february.

so this is my plan. i will knit from my stash until the next fiber fair, and then i will shop. shop until my feet and wallet hurt. :D i told dh my plan, and he has agreed. one caveat is i get one last purchase of ~$60. so now i need to decide if i want to purchase a bunch of bare yarn OR options set from KP, or buy peace fleece through my co-op (which would be 7 skeins and 1 lb of batting). HELP!! what should i do? all of them would be great, and i have p l e n t y of yarn to knit with if i do order the options. i told him i'd like to take at least one class either in spinning or finishing techniques, and then shopping......

is it january yet?

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