Friday, July 6, 2007

knitting blahs

i have decided to knit my swappee a booga bag. its a great color for her, and i am really sure she'll like it. however, i some how created a YO way down on, like, row 15. i am currently on row 50. craaaaaap. i need to put in a destination lifeline, and rip out all that hard work. i have been real bad, and been putting it off because i am so depressed about the mistake. if this was for me, i would just duplicate stitch over the mistake and felt it as-is. but its a gift, so i HAVE to FIX my STOOOOPID mistake. grrrrrr. evil yarn.

on a nicer note, i am about halfway done with the brim of my sisters Topi hat! should be done with it saturday, then i can *finally* give it to her! and i plan on taking some great photos and submitting them to knitty for their annual calendar. yay!

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