Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a few updates

i joined a yarn co-op recently. i haven't ordered any yarn, and i am not sure when i will be able to. (money is an ongoing issue with us) i am hoping to be able to order some superwash/wool & nylon blanks, with the hopes of becoming yet another etsy yarn dyer. i know.

i just got over being sick. spent too much time studying the bathroom wall. KWIM? now dd is sick, but she just seems to have a runny nose and slight cough. hope she feels a lot better soon. been carefully dosing her with a decongestant/cough suppressant/fever reducer (mild fever). hoping everything is better before the last week of june. we are going camping! yay!

about the camping. ha. ha. ha- wait a minute, we have no tent. or sleeping bags. hmmm. or gear. well. sounds like some shopping is in order. we did find a good deal on a tent/sleeping bag combo from wal-mart. $201 for a 3 room tent and four 40* bags. not a bad deal. i know we should probably invest in a higher quality tent, but we really can't afford to unfortunately. so we will probably order this if our local store doesn't have on in stock.

i am also on the look out for a baby carrier for hiking. based on some searching, i have decided i want a mei tai (aka 'abc carrier" ) or an lovely ergo. on kh'er has offered to sell me her ergo for $60. i know i could make my own mei tai, but i am just not that confident that if i did, it wouldn't fall apart with her in it. the one i linked to is the least expensive i have found. i have seen some for as much as $179!!! waaay out of my price range, and i don't see why it would cost so much.

my scalp is healing nicely, in case anyone was wondering. if not for the shorter hair and tiny 'bald' spot, you'd never know. no real scar or marks. :D i went and chopped my hair off. its short in the back and a little longer (enough to stick behind my ears) in the front. and bangs. i am happy with it, but not so happy with the layers along my face. too much work, but i can cope.

i have decided i am on a yarn restriction of sorts. i have enough yarn for probably more projects then i can knit for the rest of the year. so i want to finish at least two big projects (dh's golf vest from knit.1, and a dress for dd), one sweater for dd, and some socks. it's hard. i am not a huge LYS supporter, mostly because i don't usually have transportation to get to one, and they are both about 30 minutes away. most of my yarn purchases have been online. don't get me wrong! i have had great experiences at both LYSs, i love being able to touch all the pretty yarns and displays. but if i don't get up at 5 to take dh to carpool, then i don't have a vehicle. my only other option would be to walk about a mile and a half and ride the bus for probably 45 minutes. not very realistic when i have a nursing baby (almost toddler!! :( ) to take care of as well.

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