Friday, June 8, 2007

picture overload

ok here is me and dh in yakima (i just chopped my hair off, its a short bob now with lots of layers in the back)

me and dd in yakima, she was finding me :)

dd copying nana. they are pretending they have bad backs!

my sisters MIL (in black) and MILs sister, dd and a pikes place pig

dd with the pikes place pig

a close up of the shirt my sisters MIL bought my dd. so funny! dh says he wants one too ...

dd, trying to 'fix' her papa's laptop. notice the funny face? i think it's her "take my picture pwease" face ...

again, dd with her first cherries. see the face? lol

here is dd trying to escape through the doggie door. this is as far as she has gotten. so far.

dd eating her favorite cookie, oreos. except, she usually just eats the cream filling.

the kid loves ice. she likes to 'steal' my cups when there is just ice left.

dds toes. her nana painted them. makes me giggle everytime i see them.

dd in the pool. loves it.

this is one of my nieces (she's now 2!). they are driving papas truck.

pics from the zoo. we went to the point defiance zoo in tacoma. a tortose, a peacock. dd loved the tanks. specially the shark tanks. thats a diver, they were cleaning them.

here are my 3 favorite little girls. nieces ages 3.5, 2, and dd is 14 months. they were posing with the shark mouth. very cool.