Sunday, October 21, 2007

little girl

I'll admit that I have saved more of my dd's little clothes than one momma needs to. What do i do with it all? I am wondering if i could talk a quilter who knits, into some kind of swap. I could dye up some custom yarn in exchange for them quilting dd's beautiful, cute clothes into a keepsake quilt! I even have a few 100 2x2 cotton squares i could send. I would do it myself, except i want something beautiful when all is said and done. ;)

ETA- to answer the questions :) We plan on having at least one more! But I want to have a quilt made from each kids baby clothes. 'Cause I'm sappy like that sometimes ;)


  1. Are you not saving your dd's clothes incase there is another dd?

  2. That sounds like a really cool, creative idea!

    What my mom did is just keep everything in a keepsake box. Whenever I have a little girl when I'm older I can choose to use them for her too if I want. But a blanket made out of the clothes is such a cute idea!