Friday, November 2, 2007

bad for bloggin'

i'm just sayin'.

I love ravelry, and KH.

why are they baaaad? cause i spend my time updating my stash, my projects, and keeping up with swaps (for fun and for destashing), and then there are the forums and pattern browsing. *sigh*

it makes it awfully hard to update the blog as far as knitting goes. but here are a couple of recent Fo's:

the curly purly soaker. Plan on making lot's of these :) already started #2

dd in her halloween costume. she was a piglet (not the Piglet) I knit a 2x2 short cuff, then plain hat. I added craft felt ears, stitched into place. very cute. very warm, and she wore it all night! and she was cute sayin' "thank ewe", and "welcome" when she got candy. :)

I am on the look out for a nice simple coat pattern. I have about 2600 yds of a nice light mint DK weight yarn. I want a sort of feminine 'pea' coat. minus the long length, and not too fitted, as i'd like to wear more than a t-shirt under it. also, i don't want to felt or full a jacket. just a nice tight gauge.

and i have 4 skeins of louet riverstone chunky. i think i'd like a top, but i don't know if i have enough yarn to make one to fit ME. it may end up as another soaker, and some handdyed to sell in my etsy shop. I already dyed one skein for a soaker. It will be #3, the colorway name is 'Perfect Peri". I will take pictures tomorrow, as it's still drying ;)
I am hoping to actually sell stuff, but apparently i am crappy at self promotion, or sumpin'. I want to start a stole, with beads. problem? i need to sell at least one more yarn and then i can buy beads. *sigh*

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  1. Jeanie that costume idea is too cute and so is Kenna:)