Monday, November 19, 2007

CDind & knitting

we have started (about 2 weeks now) cloth diapering our dd! Its a different, but simple change. Instead of trashing every diaper, we dump the cloth in the 'wash' bucket, and dd's bum is a bit bulkier than before ;)

my only issue is this:
She gets what looks like bruising at the top of her thighs, where the prorap cover back wraps to close in the front. I would love to afford a softer cover, but we can't. We do have to change her a little more frequently, but i only do a load (or a bucket full) about every 3 days or so. And using a pre-fold with a flat as a doubler at night means no nighttime changes! I love how simple this has been.
My other issue is using wool soakers in place of the prorap. Why is this an issue? beacuse of compression leaks. which means when ever she sits on our lap or the couch (or anything) it gets wet. sucks, cause they are so cute and look adorable on her! Any suggestions??? am i not lanolizing them enough? or is this just a 'live with' issuse? Thanks.

On the knitting front:
I have started knitting a drive-thru cardigan ($5.50) for dd! It is so cute, and easy! I highly reccomend this pattern for any beginner. More advanced knitter could probably figure this one out if they have already knitted a bottom up sweater before. it really is that simple!

here is the latest pic of it:

I have since knitted a couple inches more on the sleeves, in the lighter green. I am so afraid i will run out! The yarn is Indiecita Suri Merino (an alpaca merino blend), a Plymouth Yarn brand that i purchased from

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  1. I cd both my girls- 20 mo & 3 weeks I havent tried wool soakers yet but started cding with prowraps & had the same issue...try thirsties brand-they're fantastic & come in pretty colors. I order everything from their based in CO, have great customer service & fast shipping. I've only been cding for 6 mo now & love it too.