Wednesday, December 5, 2007

crappy mole

i am a member of a couple of co-ops on yahoo. yarn ones so far. I have ordered a total of 8 or 9 times. a malabrigo buy (just a pattern), 2x from 100purewool (once a group order and then just for me), a peace fleece order, a yarn swift, a needles order, and a eucalan order. i also did a co-op buy fill (one lone skein) and an off-list toy buy.
i have received both purewool orders (yay!), and my eucalan and peace fleece order are on the way. the needles are sort of on the way. i had ordered 4 crochet hooks, 4 circs and a hook case. the company only sent my hooks and case. from what i glanced at, they left out most of the circs and some of the pricier bags from the group order. SUCKS BIG TIME. as i mostly just wanted the circs... guess its time i actually learn how to hook to make that nifty afghan in my ravelry queue?
also, the company that *was* going to be where we were getting our swift/winder/lucet buy from, canceled our orders because we are a *co-op* and not an actual store. GASP.

i am so very pissed about the swift.

i specifically passed up buying one from ebay sellers and from (with a 50% coupon) because of the co-op buy. now, i am waiting for a refund, AND still no swift. off to use my latest coupon from to buy a swift, that will get here. Note, though, that the cancellation of the swift buy was because a shitty ass person (mole) decided to alert the company that we were a co-op and not a shop. i hope Karma bites them in the ass. HARD.

so now i am waiting for my partial order of needles/hooks to get here and HOPE the co-op fill arrives safely, and that the toy purchase gets here in time for my daughter to get her very nifty wood blocks for Christmas. *sigh*

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  1. That sucks big time. Karma will get 'em-it always does. Try to be happy & be glad JoAnns sends you cupons. Yay for cupons!