Saturday, January 5, 2008

knitting update

wow! it's been a month since my last post, so i thought i would break this up into a knitting post and an 'other' post.

recently finished projects include a lacy scarf for baby sister. I used the Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Brushed Alpaca in Rose that i received in a KH swap. Lovely, charming, warm, soft, divine stuff! i would live to knit a whole sweater in this stuff! Seriously!

I cast on 220, knit 4 rows. then knit2, *[yo, k1, k2tog]* to end or so. knit 4 rows, then repeat. I also added fringe with stone beads for added glamor. sis loves it and it knit up super quick! I have learned the need for blocking wires though, so when i finally finish a stole, i'll be making a trip to Home Depot to get some steel wires to use. it's got to be easier than using quilting pins.

I've also knitted my BIL a balaclava (no real pattern) using 2 balls of cascade 220 superwash wool. one in black and one in grey. He loves it and really needed it for work. he works at a paper mill and occasionally gets burns from the large, HOT drums that presses the paper (now he can keep his face pretty lol)

also, i have cast on and have in progress "bee stripe" (lorna's laces shepherd sock) socks for mom and some donegal tweed bare (from that i dyed in "I like Lello" for my niece. No progress pictures today. I'll try to add some tomorrow. Both are simple stockinette because i wanted the yarns to shine, and not be too fussy. I love how they both are turning out.

I have taught myself to crochet! Yay me! I am crocheting a giant granny square out of some lovely Plymouth Bella Colour (i think it's been discontinued...) yarn as a present or my DH's coworker (they had a baby boy). I wanted to learn primarily to crochet wool soakers for our dd, since it'll be thicker and more absorbent with out having to knit then felt one to get a similar results. I used the tutorial from crochet cabana.
She has great pictures and teaches you to learn how to understand a pattern as well.
here is the blanket after one ball of yarn (i am starting on #3 currently)

I knit dad a pair of fiber trends clogs as part of his Christmas gift (it also included a robe, pajama pants and dark chocolate!) They are a hit, and now mom wants a pair... I used Patons classic wool merino for them.

I too had a great knitting related Christmas! Dad got me a nifty swift (the table top one) it's so much nicer than the one i made this summer, and much easier to use. DH got me a set of Denise interchangeable. I really wanted the KnitPicks Options set, but i do like the Denise set 200% better than the Boye Needlemaster i bought off of ebay.I might get the Options as a birthday present, along with some of the new longer length traditional circs for magic loop sock knitting.


  1. You have been doing some serious knitting!! Love the finished projects. That scarf is really lovely and your Dad's felted clogs.. well, those never fail to amaze me.

  2. thanks! i actually don't knit much lol even though i am a SAHM... i do more reading about knitting than actual knitting ;)