Friday, February 15, 2008

spinning is dangerous

Since i knitted so furiously this last weekend, my right thumb has been sore, so i decided to spin instead :)
First, I (finally) plied the tan/khaki superwash. I now have a nice skein of 2 ply, probably enough for fingerless mitts or a hat! a full bobbin (so 4 ounces aran/heavy worsted)

Then I decided to finish spinning the lovely alpaca/superwash merino i received as a sample from my LYS, Lambs Ear in Tacoma. This stuff drafted beautifully, has a lovely heathered color and did i mention it has alpaca? *heaven* about 20 yards

Lastly, I decided to dig out my silk hankies i dyed last year (using food color pastes). It was fun poking holes and stretching it out. Took almost no effort on my part. about 105 yards, 18-20 grams

Except, later I noticed the damage on my fingers! Yikes. Tiny blisters on my right pointer, bruising on my left thumb, and a superficial slice along my left pointer. WOW. But it is puuuurdy stuff ;)


  1. you cut yourself on silk???

    See you Thursday at Lamb's Ear?

  2. yes! I was very surprised.. I am hoping to be there !

    Thanks for stopping by :)