Wednesday, March 5, 2008

stash organizing

Well, I have been lamenting to my DH that i needed a shelf in the closet to organize my stash. I wanted the Expedit from Ikea. Along with some Lekman boxes to keep it looking neat. Cost would have been $294.92 (1 book shelf and 8 boxes). DH probably would have had an heart attack if i had bought it. So instead, we ventured to Home Depot on saturday in search of some organization. I wanted something simple, but effective. I was looking for the bracket attachment and shelves that rest on them .. but it was adding up to be too expensive. then, we found the closet organizing sets...I really wanted the lovely wood shelves, with pretty doors and sturdy shelves. Instead, we bought the ClosetMaid organizer. $26.42. WAY cheaper, and it fit perfectly! I might go back and get a hanging basket to add, it would be great for all the random, left over balls I am accumulating!

So, for 1/10th of the cost, my closet looks better and I can SEE what I have. Much better! (Even though i still want to go to Ikea ;)

Here is my semi-organized stash (there are still random projects scattered around as well as some cones of wool hiding in the garage ;) I know, it's a mess even after organizing. *sigh*

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  1. Yay for organizing! You'll have to post a picture. I am in need of some serious reorganizing.