Monday, March 31, 2008

Hi, My Name is Jeanie,

and i eat Spam.

I eat it cold. And I love it lightly fried in a non-stick pan. Is there a support group? Cause I am not an addict, so I don't need SEA (Spam Eaters Anonymous). I just like it for breakfast, or a easy lunch. here is how I prepare it.

1. Buy a can (or two) of Spam. I like the lower sodium stuff.

2. Open can and slide it onto a plate. I slice it, narrow side. Nice, easy.

4. Heat non-stick pan. Medium is good. Add Spam.

5. Fry lightly, then flip.

6. Eat. Repeat if serving more than 4.

Not real classy I am sure, but it is crazy tasty (tm) !

1 comment:

  1. My name is Luneray and I also love Spam. I love it fried and served over steamed rice or rolled with egg and rice sushi style (I think it's called musubi).