Monday, March 31, 2008

Needle Storage!

So, I ordered the knitpicks Options Interchangeable Knitting needle set. IF you don't know about these, go look, I'll wait.

See how cool they are? And the Harmony Set are very pretty ... maybe i can get a set for Christmas?

The thing I don't like, is that the case they sent (no longer sending the pretty binder...). One is worth the $19.99, and one, well, isn't. Can you guess which is which? ;)

So inspired by a couple of posts on ravelry, and this blog, i decided on my latest trip to wally world to pick up a worm wallet.
About $6, and lots of pockets.

It may not be girly, or handsewn. And I don't think the manufacturer would have thought it would ever be used for this sort of storage.

As for how i am using it, the mesh pocket is holding all the end caps and screw keys (in the tiny zip bags still) as well as a needle gauger, pair of scissors and plastic hair bands (I use them for markers- cheap and colorful!) I left the needles on the cardboard holder, until I get around to buying or making pretty needle size signs for the pockets. I just bent the cardboard in half and it fits perfect in the pockets. The cables are stored by length. It works great :)

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