Thursday, March 27, 2008


So the official first day of Spring was March 20. Some one forgot to tell the weather around here. This was yesterday:

And no, those are not flowers, that is snow.

The front yard:

The kid:

The family:

I love snow. Why didn't it snow this much all winter? And when can I expect to be warm again? I thought we are experiencing global warming, but it's truly hard to believe when in the past nine years i have lived here, winters seem to be longer, and colder. (No scientific 'proof' just my personal opinion)(Read the 'skeptical optimist'- very interesting)

Thank goodness for warm, woolie handknits!


  1. Do you want to trade places or would you like me to send you a bottle of sunshine!

  2. I know what you mean....we had snow Easter Sunday!

  3. BK- how about a ship load of sunshine? Ahh.. i envy you sometimes with the beautiful beach so close by. I am sure you get your share of bad weather too though ;)