Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Fair! (picture heavy)

"It's bigger! It;s better! It's Spring Baby!"

So it's that time of year, the Puyallup Spring Fair! We went to the Animal Exhibits (LOTS of fun, and wonderful animals to see!) There are a lot of new baby animals to see, miniature ponies, pygmy goats, calves and adorable lambs!

Peanut also had fun in the Kid Zone. She played fun instruments:

Planted a pumpkin seed that we brought home to grow

Saw lots more animals in the Reptile Exhibit (she got to pet a snake and tortoise!)

We watched the Pig races. This was highly amusing. Did you know how they get the pigs to race around? They place an Oreo Cookie on a silver tray. The pigs then race around trying to get the cookie first. Our Pig (Peanut was chosen to be the 'official cheerleader' for pig #1 during the 2nd race) won her race, so Peanut won a snack package of Oreos and a little pig key chain ornament, that poops. Really. The last race was especially funny, as two clearly still nursing mama pigs decided to take a leisurely stroll around (someone forgot to tell them there was cookies to be had!)

And of course, we ate fair food. Cheeseburgers with lots of grilled walla walla onions, Peanut had a hotdog, we all shared cotton candy ( it was purple!) and a funnel cake with raspberry sauce. I would share (pictures) But we ate it all. :)

There was the ever neat chainsaw wood carver (as made known in the PEMCO commercial here) We watched him carve, then I snapped a picture of the cute bears
And this very cool Dragon and castle sculpture. Amazing talent!

Tune in again for a great sheep post (probably later tonight or tomorrow night) I snapped pictures of lots of breads, and one getting sheered!

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