Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

To me!

Yesterday was my birthday. I had this conversation (before getting out of bed) with Peanut:

Me: Good morning ...
Peanut: (opens her eyes) Good mornin mommy.
Me: Guess what?
Peanut: what?
Me: Today is my birthday
Peanut: It is? happy birthday!
Me: Yep! Mommy's 28!
Peanut: You is turning eight??
Me: (stifling a laugh) No, I'm turning 28!

DH made me a cake! All by his self. I have pictures as proof. And it turned out cute (and yes, he did put 28 candles and lit them all. It was a lot of smoke afterwards)! And I got some balloons :)

Also, my order from Crown Mountain Farms is on the way! (that was my birthday present from DH- I got to pick it out..)

Oh! and here are Peanuts Fishies.. (They are the 15 cent goldfish from the local pet

That's Groucho (he has a mustache), Ricky, and Lucy (see, she's a redhead ;) The one on the top is B.O.B. (big old blue) and the one on the bottom is some weird fish DH brought home. It still needs a name...


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