Thursday, June 19, 2008


So the last post i made I mentioned I needed cards to process the big bag of llama I have.. and not but a few hours after, one of the awesome ladies from my knit group, who is also a spinner, sent me a message. She had some, and would I like to borrow them?

So a few back and forth messages and one fast phone call, she dropped them off on her way by.

LOVE my knit group ladies!

Now I'll be able to spin and knit the yummy llama I have!

I sort of fumbled my way through two tiny batts. They are super soft and I blended in a little bit of copper and opal sparkley angelina fibers. I hope I can spin it up fine enough to knit a lace shawl :) I'll take pictures later and post!

ETA- Hand carded fiber!
The brown is llama and I added some copper and opal colored angelina fiber, but, dang, they are hard to capture in pictures!

The blue batts are a mix of superwash mill ends in a pale teal, a dark teal and some randomness of pale grey and white fibers. It totally reminds me of old, faded jeans!

Thanks Lana for lending me your carders!

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