Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tour de Fleece (part 2)

Tour de Fleece categories that I will be participating in:

Rookies (first years) <--- this is me

Climbers (conquer mountains, big personal challenges) <--- I want to spin up my Miss Babs BFL into a 2ply fingering. So far I have only been able to get as fine (overall) sport, but I usually spin at DK. My other personal challenge is to get my llama cleaned, carded or combed, and blended with some copper angelina. I really want to spin it into a 2 ply LACE weight yarn (soopa scary!)

Breakaway (Art yarns)<--- I have about 5 pounds of raw cots wold that is begging to become fun, curly yarn.

The only challenge I am not sure I will even get to is the llama. This is only because I don't own any combs or carders. And this llama is very fine, and I am pretty sure DH will not be happy if i buy a set of super fine hand cards. Anyone wanna loan me a set? LOL

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