Saturday, July 12, 2008

HHHH Swap Update

I did some spinning today partner! I lucked out and noticed your favourite color happed to suit some fiber I had that was extra from a felt project. . .

Don't let that scare you! It's great fiber :) Ashland Bay Colonial wool to be exact, though I won't share the color, since if you found me out, I'd like it to be somewhat of a surprise :)

I barely fit the 110 grams on my bobbin, spun thick and thin. I am going to be making a coil yarn, and now am a bit worried that when coiled, the thicker parts won't fit into my orifice! My Babe wheels' orifice is probably 1/4 inch in diameter...

I fully intended to have DH film me with the camera spinning outside today for the swap 'contest'. I however got distracted by spinning and watching Peanut and DH throw water on each other. They were having a blast. I ended up putting my wheel away to watch and take some fun photos. I'll have to share them tomorrow. I think I'll have him film me creating the coil tomorrow to enter.. I'll dig up my ravelry shirt for some extra points!


  1. Awesome! I CANNOT wait to see this video! I've never seen coils made before, so it will be really fun!

  2. ha! I just hope I don't screw up, since it's the FIRST TIME!!! O_o