Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Love! and TDF update

Have I mentioned how awesome the women are in my knit group? They are. First, one lends me her handcards, and now, another bought me two books for my birthday! (they arrived today :) Big Girl Knits and More Big Girl Knits. I am excited about them, because they will enable me to alter generic patterns to fit my body shape best. That is so exciting! Especially for someone who was JUST complaining to her sister about how hard it is to find flattering clothes.

As for Tour de Fleece, here is where I am at:

1. Spin up all of the targhee merino rolags, "Iceberg", into a 2 ply sport weight yarn.

2. Spin up the Miss Babs BFL, "Melon", into a 2 ply fingering weight.<--halfway!

3. Spin up approximately 120 yards of bulky weight targhee. Possibly single ply.

4. Spin up one art yarn from my cotswold (I have some koolaid dyed locks and some other breed locks to use as well as silver thread)

I am half way on the BFL! I halved the roving yesterday and started spinning the first single. I LOVE how it is coming along. I finished the first single today, and am stopping for now. My right shoulder is a little sore! That was a lot of spinning.

We have this huge, old cherry tree in the backyard. This tree looks as if it has hardly ever been pruned, and I would venture to guess that it is at least as old as the house (1978). The husband and dad have decided it needs to come down, which saddens me since I love the fruit it gives. Last year however, it hardly fruited, and what it did fruit, the birds and bugs got. So today, I realized, we could prop the ladder against the play-set, and cut the high branches down to get some great fruit.

I propped the ladder, and fully extended it. My mom then climbed up and used the branch trimmer to cut two branches down. After that, we sat on the porch and gathered the yummy cherries off the branches and ate a few too! I will miss the tree, but tomorrow, I'll be cutting a few more down ;)


  1. that arrived pretty quickly, since it was only shipped yesterday!

    Glad you like them. Yay for wishlists! :)

  2. mmmm...cherries! i love that colorway, so sunny!