Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tour de Fleece, Day 4?

So, I didn't post anything on days 2 and 3. My bad!

I was spinning and doing spinning related activities ;)

1. Spin up all of the targhee merino rolags, "Iceberg", into a 2 ply sport weight yarn.

2. Spin up the Miss Babs BFL, "Melon", into a 2 ply fingering weight.

3. Spin up approximately 120 yards of bulky weight targhee. Possibly single ply.

4. Spin up one art yarn from my cotswold (I have some koolaid dyed locks and some other breed locks to use as well as silver thread)

I finished the targhee. Though, I don't have a proper WPI tool, but i am pretty sure it's closer to aran weight than bulky :\ It should still work for a hat for my dad, it just won't be as squishy as i had hoped! I also finished the Iceberg batts, and the blue jeans (it wasn't on the list, but whatever!)

Here are all three, I love them all lined up!

The targhee is 116 yards, and about 74 grams. It is a single ply yarn (my first!) I will be dyeing this into a "Camo" colorway for my dads' hat.

"Fancy Jeans" was spun from handcarded mill ends, spun into a single, then plied with a silver thread. 90 yards, about 37 grams. About sport weight.

"Iceberg". Spun from a targhee/mill end handcarded batts, approximately 50/50, with some ice blue angelina for sparkle! It is a 2 ply, 100 yards, 40 grams. About sport weight.

These were a lot of fun to spin up! I am looking forward to prepping the BFL.

In other news (still spinning related!), I received my swap-bot.com package. It is a big ass bunch of natural wool. I tried to weight it (my scale is tiny), I am *guessing* it is about 7-8 ounces. Looks like it is two types blended. Maybe shetland? Lots to play with though! Thanks!!

Peanut liked it too, she even sniffed it, and we decided it smelled like sheep :o)

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