Sunday, August 31, 2008

I do still knit!

Ha. So I knit a vest for Peanut. But not just any vest...

Snake Vest shoot 014

I designed it all by myself! It was made for a design contest held by my LYS (Lambs Ear Yarns in Tacoma). I used Manos del Uruguay 100% wool (now called "wool clasica") in the color #29 (which looks like a nice blueish pine, but is called 'steel'). I love knitting with this yarn! I made it in two sizes, but it's pretty easy to upsize by adding stitches in multiples of 4. Apparently nobody else entered the contest (as of this morning) so it looks like I am winner by default, LOL.

Snake Vest shoot 024

Winner wins an instore gift certificate and thier pattern will be sold in the shop. Peanut had fun playing red light green light as I took pictures. I'll be bringing in the vest on Friday (I origionally brought it in yesterday, Aug. 30, but Roxi asked if I would mind taking it home to get some nice pictures, I obliged!) I am so excited that knit group is starting back up! I miss that group!

Green Light!

Snake Vest shoot 004


  1. Oh pretty vest! I am not going to make it to knit night. pout... but hubby comes first. I have a hat designed... but gave the original to a little friend of mine (chemo) and haven't written up the pattern (other than my chicken scratch)nor knitted the "show" hat. And now it is past time... Ah well! So see you friday next.