Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fair Photos

Geez, I have been slacking here! I never posted any fair photos. Today I will rectify that :)

First up, this sweet photo. It was so adorable how this girl was snuggling with her cow:

A freshly shorn lamb!

Cow milking

Jacob Sheep

A Ze-Donk

Another cow, she posed for us!

A Camel

Piggies! So cute!

Look how big my little Peanut is getting! I think we'll do this every year we go :)

It rained pretty much the entire time we were there. We walked around, saw the animals and the Expo area (all the As-Seen on TV type stuff for sale). We had lunch too, Fair burgers and fries. I then went over to do the spinning demo at the Artist In Action. It was really neat (and a little nerve wrecking) to be 'on display'. The general public was really cool about watching, asking questions, and seeming interested. I just did some spindling with my CD spindle. It was great but after 3 and half hours, my shoulders were tired! DH and Peanut had wandered off (and came back a couple times with stuffed toys, YAY fair games!) to have some fun while I demo'ed. We then packed it up and headed out. Of course, as par for Washington weather, it cleared up JUST as we were walking to leave:

But we did have a great time, and were happy to get home and off our feet!


  1. Peanut was totally excited about it, we watched him for about 15minutes. All he did was eat hat ;)

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