Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have my first tarot deck. It's beautiful! The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr.

It will take me a while to learn what all the cards mean (there are 78), but lucky for me, and anyone first learning, there is a booklet to explain the meaning of the cards.

I did a bunch of tarot readings yesterday. It was a great experience. My cousin was worried it was something to do with the devil (it's not). I explained that it is just like if you prayed for guidance on a particular topic, then opened your bible and read the scripture for help. The cards don't foretell the future, but act as a guide. They help clarify decisions or situations..

We had a good reading session (my mom and I). Only one reading was whack, and I attribute that to the fact that she wasn't serious or trusting that the cards would give her a reading on that topic. Every other question we posed was answered. In fact, when my sister got home, she re-asked (with out knowing what we asked earlier) two of the questions, and the cards gave the SAME answers. Cool, no? I can't wait for my knowledge to grow enough to not have to look up every card as I go.

There are four more decks I want (I know!):

1. Revelations (great how the images have a flipped image representing the reversed meanings)
2. Thoth (lots of imagery and symbols to help with deeper meanings- advanced to me)
3. Mermaids (pretty, like the Goddess deck, but MERMAIDS! whoot!)
4. Radiant Rider-Waite (traditional)

I bought my deck at Crescent Moon Gifts in Freighthouse Square in Tacoma. The woman working (I didn't get her name :( but she was nice and had pink hair- Peanut commented on it) was helpful and advised me on how to pick a deck for me. She said that the art work should appeal to me, and as a beginner she also recommended cards that had the card name clearly written on them to make it easier to read. I looked over the different tarot decks, and chose the Goddess deck. It has nice art work as well as clearly labeled arcana. She said the Thoth deck was her first deck, and at the time, she didn't know how difficult it would be. It is definantly on my to-get list ;)

a few more decks:
Gummy Bear
Art Nouveau

And for fun, Peanut being a Pirate!

And to the comments on 10 Year.. I graduated from Lakewood HS in Lakewood CA, and I think the 20 year will be fun too!


  1. cool.... call me before you go down there again... I want to tag along. :-)

  2. Will do Lana!
    They had a spot where you could look at a few cards from different decks, but they didn't actually have all the decks in the cabinet. I'm hoping next time I go (I'll call ahead) that they'll have one of the four on my to-get list (they did have a thoth deck though